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Main Entry: 1ride
Pronunciation: primarystressrimacrd
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): rode /primarystressromacrd/; ridĚden /primarystressrid-schwan/; ridĚing /primarystressrimacrd-ieng/
1 a : to go or be carried along on an animal's back or on or in a vehicle (as a boat, automobile, or airplane) b : to sit on and control so as to be carried along <ride a bicycle>
2 a : to be supported and usually carried along by <a surfboard rides the waves> b : to float at anchor c : to remain afloat through : SURVIVE <ride out a storm>
3 a : 1CARRY 1 <rode the child on my back> b : to travel over a surface <the car rides well>
4 a : 1TEASE 2a b : OPPRESS 2 <ridden by fears>
5 : to depend on something

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