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Main Entry: 1scratch
Pronunciation: primarystressskrach
Function: verb
1 : to scrape, rub, or injure with or as if with the claws or nails
2 : to act on (a desire) -- used with itch <scratch the itch to travel>
3 : to make a living by hard work and saving
4 a : to cancel or erase by or as if by drawing a line through b : to withdraw (an entry) from competition
5 : to write or draw especially hastily or carelessly : SCRAWL
6 : to scrape or rub oneself lightly especially to relieve itching
7 : to make a thin harsh sound <this pen scratches>
- scratch·er noun
- scratch one's back : to do a favor for with the expectation of like return
- scratch one's head : to be or become confused
- scratch the surface : to make a modest effort or start

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