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Main Entry: 1seat
Pronunciation: primarystresssemacront
Function: noun
1 a : something (as a chair) intended to be sat in or on b : the part of something on which one rests in sitting <seat of the trousers> <a chair seat> c : the part of the body on which a person sits : BUTTOCK 2a
2 a : the place on or at which a person sits <had three seats for the game> b : a right of sitting usually as a member <a seat in the senate> c : MEMBERSHIP 1
3 : a place or area where something is located <the seat of the pain> <seats of learning>; especially : a place (as a city) from which authority is exercised <the new seat of the government>
4 : posture in or way of sitting especially on horseback
5 : a part or surface on which another part or surface rests
- seat·ed /-schwad/ adjective

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