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Main Entry: 1se·cret
Pronunciation: primarystresssemacron-krschwat
Function: adjective
1 a : hidden or kept from knowledge or view b : working in secret as a spy or detective : UNDERCOVER <a secret agent>
2 : SECLUDED 1 <a secret valley>
- se·cret·ly adverb
synonyms SECRET, COVERT, CLANDESTINE, SURREPTITIOUS mean done without attracting observation. SECRET implies concealment on any grounds for any reason <met at a secret location>. COVERT stresses the fact of not being open or declared <covert intelligence operations>. CLANDESTINE implies secrecy usually for an evil, illicit, or unauthorized purpose and often emphasizes the fear of being discovered <a clandestine meeting of conspirators>. SURREPTITIOUS applies to action or behavior done secretly often with skillful avoidance of detection and in violation of custom, law, or authority <the surreptitious stockpiling of weapons>.

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