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Main Entry: 2settle
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): setĚtled; setĚtling /primarystressset-lieng, -schwal-ieng/
1 : to place so as to stay <settled into a chair>
2 a : to establish in a place to live : COLONIZE <settled the West> b : to make one's home <settle in the country>
3 : to make or become quiet : CALM <rocking settled the baby>
4 : DECIDE 1 <settle the question>
5 : to put in order : make final arrangements <settle an estate> <settle a bill>
6 : to adjust differences <settle a quarrel>
7 a : to come to rest <birds settling on a branch> b : to descend usually slowly and stay down <mist settling in the valley>
8 a : to sink gradually or to the bottom <the foundations of the house settled> -- often used with out <dust particles settling out> b : to sink in a liquid <sediment settles to the bottom>
9 : to apply oneself -- usually used with down <settle down to study>
10 : to take up an ordered life -- often used with down <marry and settle down>
- settle for : to be content with <would not settle for a tie score>

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