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Main Entry: 1shell
Pronunciation: primarystressshel
Function: noun
1 a : a hard stiff covering of an animal (as a turtle or beetle) b : the outer covering of an egg (as of a bird or reptile)
2 : the outer covering of a nut, fruit, or seed especially when hard or tough
3 : shell material or shells especially of mollusks
4 : something like a shell: as a : a framework or outside structure b : a bottom crust for a pie <a pastry shell> c : a concrete arched roof (as over an outdoor stage) <a band shell>
5 : a way of behaving that hides one's feelings <coming out of one's shell>
6 : a shell-bearing mollusk
7 : a narrow light racing boat rowed by one or more persons using long oars
8 a : an object filled with an explosive to be shot from cannon b : a metal or paper case holding the explosive charge and shot or bullet used in small arms
- shell adjective

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