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Main Entry: 1short
Pronunciation: primarystressshodot(schwa)rt
Function: adjective
1 : having little length or height : not long or tall
2 a : not long in time : BRIEF <a short delay> b : not great in distance <a short walk>
3 : not remembering for long <a short memory>
4 : of, relating to, or being one of the vowel sounds \schwa, a, e, i, udot\ and sometimes \ä\ and \odot\
5 a : not coming up to the regular standard or to what is needed <gave short measure> <in short supply> b : not reaching far enough <the throw was short> c : not having enough <short of cash>
6 : easily upset <has a short temper>
7 : FLAKY 2, crumbly
8 : cut down to a brief length <a short tax form> <"doc" is short for "doctor">
- short·ish /-ish/ adjective
- in short order : with speed and promptness

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