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Main Entry: 1sight
Pronunciation: primarystresssimacrt
Function: noun
1 : something that is seen : SPECTACLE
2 a : something that is worth seeing <showed us the sights of the city> b : something that is peculiar, funny, or messy <you're a sight>
3 : the process, power, or function of seeing; especially : the animal sense of which the sense organ is the eye and by which the position, shape, and color of objects are perceived
4 : the act of seeing <knows him by sight> <faints at the sight of blood>
5 : the perception of an object within the visual field <lost sight of the plane>
6 : the space over which a person can see <a ship came into sight>
7 : a device that aids the eye in aiming or in finding the direction of an object
8 plural : ASPIRATION 3a, goal 2 <set her sights on a career in law>
- out of sight : very good
- sight for sore eyes : someone or something one is very glad to see

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