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Main Entry: siĚlent
Pronunciation: primarystresssimacr-lschwant
Function: adjective
1 : not speaking <stood silent before the court>
2 : tending not to say much <a very silent person>
3 : free from sound or noise : STILL
4 : done or felt without speaking <silent reading> <silent grief>
5 a : making no mention <history is silent about this incident> b : not active in running a business <a silent partner>
6 : not pronounced <silent "e" in "came"> <the "b" in "doubt" is silent>
7 : made without recorded sound <silent movies>
- siĚlentĚly adverb
synonyms SILENT, TACITURN, RETICENT, RESERVED mean tending not to talk. SILENT suggests a habit of never saying more than one must <a silent person who leads by example rather than words>. TACITURN suggests that by nature one dislikes talking and may also prefer being alone <a taciturn farmer who did not welcome visitors>. RETICENT suggests a dislike of talking about one's own business <the new neighbor was reticent about her job>. RESERVED suggests that one is rigid and quiet during conversation <the reserved couple did not join in the lively talk at dinner>.

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