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Main Entry: sleepy
Pronunciation: primarystressslemacron-pemacron
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): sleepˇiˇer; -est
1 : ready to fall asleep
2 : quietly inactive <a sleepy village>
- sleepˇiˇly /-pschwa-lemacron/ adverb
- sleepˇiˇness /-pemacron-nschwas/ noun
synonyms SLEEPY, SOMNOLENT, DROWSY mean having the urge or tendency to sleep. SLEEPY may suggest that one is merely aware of a desire to go to sleep <felt sleepy after a long day>. SOMNOLENT is more likely to suggest the slowness or laziness of one who is sleepy by nature <a somnolent child who did not take part in games>. DROWSY suggests strong feelings of numbness and sleepiness that can be hard to get rid of <felt drowsy after a big meal>.

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