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Main Entry: 1slip
Pronunciation: primarystressslip
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): slipped; slipĚping
Etymology: Middle English slippen "to move by sliding, to move quietly or unnoticed"; of Germanic origin
1 a : to move easily and smoothly : SLIDE <slip the knife into its sheath> b : to move or place quietly or sneakily <slipped from the room> c : to pass without being noticed or used <let the opportunity slip>
2 a : to get away from <slipped his pursuers> b : to free from : SHED <the dog slipped its collar> c : to escape the attention or memory of <it slipped my mind> d : to express or become expressed unintentionally <the secret slipped out> e : to cause to slide open : RELEASE, DISENGAGE <slip a bolt>
3 : to let a knitting stitch pass from one needle to another without working a new stitch
4 a : to slide out of place, away from a support, or from one's grasp b : to slide so as to fall or lose balance <slipped on the ice>
5 : to cause to slide especially in putting, passing, or inserting easily or quickly <slip into a coat>
6 : to fall from some level or standard usually gradually or by degrees

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