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Main Entry: 1sol·id
Pronunciation: primarystresssäl-schwad
Function: adjective
1 a : not hollow b : written as one word <a solid compound>
2 : having, involving, or dealing with solids : CUBIC 3a <a solid geometric shape>
3 a : not loose or spongy : COMPACT <a solid mass of rock> b : neither gaseous nor liquid <solid ice> <solid waste>
4 : of good sturdy quality or kind <solid comfort> <solid reasons>
5 a : not interrupted <for three solid hours> b : being in complete agreement : UNANIMOUS, UNITED <solid for pay increases>
6 a : thoroughly dependable : RELIABLE <a solid citizen> b : earnest or important in purpose <solid reading>
7 : of one material, kind, or color <solid gold>
synonym see HARD
- solid adverb
- sol·id·ly adverb
- sol·id·ness noun

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