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Main Entry: sta·di·um
Pronunciation: primarystressstamacrd-emacron-schwam
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural sta·dia /-emacron-schwa /; or -di·ums
Etymology: Middle English stadium "a course for races in ancient Greece, a large structure for sports events," from Latin stadium (same meaning), from Greek stadion "a course for footraces, a unit of measurement"
1 : a course for footraces in ancient Greece with rows of seats for spectators
2 plural usually stadiums : a large usually roofless building with rows of seats for spectators at modern sports events
Word History A stadion in ancient Greece was a unit of measurement equal to about 180 meters. One of the most important events in the ancient Olympic Games was a footrace exactly one stadion long. The course on which the race was run, including the raised seats from which spectators watched, was also known as a stadion. This word was later borrowed into Latin as stadium. In time, it also came to be used to refer to larger structures in which different kinds of athletic contests were held. That is how the English word stadium is usually used.

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