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Main Entry: 1stock
Pronunciation: primarystressstäk
Function: noun
1 a archaic : 1STUMP 2 b archaic : a log or block of wood c archaic : something without life or consciousness d : a dull, stupid, or lifeless person
2 a plural : a timber frame with holes to contain the feet or feet and hands of a wrongdoer as public punishment b : the part of a crossbow or long gun that is held against the shoulder or in the hand when in use
3 a : the main stem of a plant : TRUNK b : a plant or plant part that is joined to a living branch or stem and makes up the lower or underground parts in a graft
4 a : the original (as a human being, race, or language) from which others descend : SOURCE b : ANCESTRY 2, lineage
5 a : the equipment or goods of an establishment b : farm animals : LIVESTOCK
6 a : the ownership element of a corporation divided to give the owners an interest and usually voting power b : a portion of such stock
7 : a wide band or scarf worn about the neck especially by some members of the clergy
8 a : liquid in which meat, fish, or vegetables have been simmered and which is used to make soup, gravy, or sauce b : RAW MATERIAL
9 : confidence placed in someone or something
10 : the production and presentation of plays by a stock company
- in stock : in the store and ready for delivery

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