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Main Entry: 1straight
Pronunciation: primarystressstramacrt
Function: adjective
1 a : free from curves, bends, angles, or unevenness <straight hair> <straight timber> b : formed by a point moving continuously in the same direction <a straight line>
2 a : holding to a proper course or method <a straight thinker> b : FRANK, CANDID <a straight answer>
3 : VERTICAL 2, upright <the picture isn't quite straight>
4 a : exhibiting truth, fairness, and honesty : JUST <straight dealings> b : correctly ordered or arranged <set the kitchen straight>; also : CORRECT <get the facts straight> c : CONSECUTIVE <five straight hours> d : having nothing added <straight liquor> e : making no exceptions in one's voting for a political party <voted a straight ticket> f : not varying from a pattern <writes straight humor> g : CONVENTIONAL h : not using or under the influence of drugs i : 1HETEROSEXUAL
5 : being the only form of payment <on straight commission>
- straight·ness noun

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