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Main Entry: supĚpress
Pronunciation: sschwa-primarystresspres
Function: verb
1 : to put down by authority or force <suppress a rebellion>
2 a : to keep from being known <tried to suppress the news> b : to stop the publication or distribution of <suppressed the test results>
3 : to hold back : REPRESS <suppress feelings of jealousy> <suppressed a cough>
4 : to slow or stop the growth or development of : STUNT
- supĚpressĚible /-schwa-bschwal/ adjective
- supĚpresĚsion /-primarystresspresh-schwan/ noun
- supĚpresĚsive /-primarystresspres-iv/ adjective
- supĚpresĚsor /-primarystresspres-schwar/ noun

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