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Main Entry: 1sweet
Pronunciation: primarystressswemacront
Function: adjective
1 a : pleasing to the taste b : being or causing the one of the four basic taste sensations that is caused especially by table sugar and is identified especially by the taste buds at the front of the tongue -- compare BITTER 1, 3salt 1b, 1sour 1 c : having a relatively large sugar content <sweet wine>
2 a : pleasing to the mind or feelings : AGREEABLE <victory is sweet> b : marked by gentle good humor or kindliness <a sweet elderly couple> c : FRAGRANT <a sweet smell> d : delicately pleasing to the ear or eye <a sweet melody> e : very good or appealing <a sweet sports car> <a sweet deal>
3 : much loved : DEAR
4 a : not sour, stale, or spoiled : WHOLESOME <sweet milk> b : not salt or salted : FRESH <sweet butter> c : not having too much acid <sweet soil> d : free from foul gases and odors
5 -- used as an intensive <take your own sweet time>
- sweet·ish /-ish/ adjective
- sweet·ly adverb
- sweet·ness noun
- sweet on : in love with

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