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Main Entry: talk·a·tive
Pronunciation: primarystresstodot-kschwat-iv
Function: adjective
: fond of talking
- talk·a·tive·ness noun
synonyms TALKATIVE, LOQUACIOUS, GARRULOUS, VOLUBLE mean fond of talking. TALKATIVE suggests a regular willingness to talk or join in a conversation <a talkative neighbor>. LOQUACIOUS suggests the ability of a person who speaks easily and smoothly <the loquacious host of a television show>. GARRULOUS suggests a wish to talk that often continues to the point of being foolish and boring <a garrulous person running on about the good old days>. VOLUBLE suggests a ready, rapid, and seemingly endless flow of speech <a voluble salesclerk who told customers more than they cared to know>.

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