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Main Entry: 1thick
Pronunciation: primarystressthik
Function: adjective
1 : having or being of great depth or extent from one surface to its opposite <a thick plank>
2 : heavily built : THICKSET
3 a : having units closely packed together : DENSE <a thick forest> b : occurring in large numbers : NUMEROUS <flies were thick in the barn> c : VISCOUS 2 <thick syrup>
4 : marked by haze, fog, or mist <thick weather>
5 : measuring in thickness <12 inches thick>
6 a : not clearly spoken <thick speech> b : plainly obvious <a thick French accent>
7 : STUPID 1a <too thick to understand>
8 : associated on close terms : INTIMATE <those two are really thick>
9 : going beyond what is proper or enough <the flattery was a bit thick>
- thickˇish /-ish/ adjective
- thickˇly adverb

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