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Main Entry: think
Pronunciation: primarystressthiengk
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): thought /primarystressthodott/; think·ing
1 : to form or have in the mind <afraid to think what might happen>
2 : to have as an opinion : BELIEVE <think it's so>
3 : to hold in the mind for some time : PONDER <think the matter over> <think about it>
4 : to call to mind : REMEMBER <never thought to ask> <he never thinks to call home>
5 : to use the power of reason <think before you write your answer>
6 : to have an opinion <they think highly of you>
7 : to have concern <I must think of my family first>
8 : to invent by thinking -- usually used with up <always thinking up new schemes>
- think·able /primarystressthieng-kschwa-bschwal/ adjective
- think·er noun
- think better of : to reconsider and make a wiser decision
- think much of : to view with satisfaction -- usually used in negative constructions <didn't think much of the idea>

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