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Main Entry: 1tire
Pronunciation: primarystresstimacr(schwa)r
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): tired; tir·ing
1 : to become weary
2 : to decrease greatly or completely the physical strength of
3 : to wear out the patience or attention of : BORE
synonyms TIRE, WEARY, FATIGUE, EXHAUST mean to make someone unwilling or unable to continue doing something. TIRE suggests a loss of strength or patience <all that lifting really tired me>. WEARY suggests that one has reached a point where one cannot put up with something anymore <I'm wearied by these endless complaints>. FATIGUE suggests very great tiredness brought about by much effort or strain <the long climb up the mountain greatly fatigued her>. EXHAUST suggests that one's energy of mind or body has been all used up <the race had exhausted him and he fell asleep at once>.

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