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Main Entry: torĚrid
Pronunciation: primarystresstodotr-schwad, primarystresstär-
Function: adjective
Etymology: from Latin torridus "dried or burnt by heat, torrid," derived from torremacronre "to heat so as to dry up or burn" --related to TORRENT
: very hot and usually dry
- torĚridĚly adverb
Word History The Latin verb torremacronre, meaning "to heat so as to dry up or burn," gave rise to two quite different English words. They are torrid and torrent. The Latin adjective torridus, meaning "dried or burnt by heat," was formed from torremacronre. It became our torrid. Another Latin adjective, torrens, meaning "scorching, burning," was also formed from torremacronre. It, however, gained a second sense of "flowing with great force and speed, rushing." This second sense led to the use of torrens as a noun for "a rushing or violent stream." This noun was borrowed into English as torrent. It came to refer not only to rushing water, but also to any kind of outpouring, such as of words, information, sounds, or feelings.

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