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Main Entry: un·ruly
Pronunciation: secondarystressschwan-primarystressrü-lemacron, primarystressschwan-
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): un·rul·i·er; -est
: not yielding easily to rule or restriction : UNCONTROLLABLE <an unruly temper> <an unruly horse>
synonyms UNRULY, UNGOVERNABLE, WILLFUL, HEADSTRONG mean not yielding to discipline or control. UNRULY suggests a lack of self-control or control by others and also often suggests bad behavior <unruly children broke the lamp>. UNGOVERNABLE suggests either a loss of control or an inability to be controlled by oneself or by others <sometimes an ungovernable rage comes over them>. WILLFUL suggests a strong determination to have one's own way <a willful disregard for the rights of others>. HEADSTRONG suggests stubbornness and lack of patience with suggestions, advice, or control by others <a headstrong refusal to listen to experienced workers>.

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