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Main Entry: 1upĚright
Pronunciation: primarystressschwap-secondarystressrimacrt
Function: adjective
1 a : 1VERTICAL 2 <an upright posture> b : having the main axis or a main part perpendicular
2 : living by high moral standards : HONORABLE
- upĚrightĚness noun
synonyms UPRIGHT, HONEST, JUST mean having or showing a great concern for what is right. UPRIGHT suggests having high moral standards in all areas of life <an upright person whose life was an example to the whole town>. HONEST suggests dealing with others in a fair and truthful way <an honest merchant who would not cheat anyone>. JUST stresses that one's fairness comes from conscious choice and is practiced steadily <a just principal who knows she must treat all students equally>.

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