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Main Entry: 1vis·it
Pronunciation: primarystressviz-schwat
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): vis·it·ed /primarystressviz-schwat-schwad, primarystressviz-tschwad/; vis·it·ing /primarystressviz-schwat-ieng, primarystressviz-tieng/
Etymology: Middle English visiten "to go to a person especially to give comfort," from early French visiter (same meaning), derived from Latin visere "to go to see," from videmacronre "to see" --related to VISION
1 : to go to see in order to comfort or help <visit the sick>
2 a : to pay a call upon as an act of friendship or courtesy b : to go or come to see on business c : to live with for a time as a guest
3 : to go to for pleasure <visit the zoo>
4 : to make a visit or frequent or regular visits
5 : 1CHAT 1 <enjoys visiting with the neighbors>

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