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Main Entry: 1wash
Pronunciation: primarystresswodotsh, primarystresswäsh
Function: verb
1 : to clean with water and usually a cleaning substance (as soap or detergent) <wash clothes> <wash your hands>
2 a : to wet thoroughly with liquid b : to pass water over or through especially so as to carry off material from the surface or interior
3 : to flow along or splash or overflow against <waves wash the shore>
4 : to pour or flow in a stream or current <the river washes against its banks>
5 : to move or carry by the action of water <several trees were washed away by the flood>
6 : to cover or smear lightly with a liquid (as whitewash or varnish)
7 : to run water over in order to separate out valuable matter <wash sand for gold>
8 : to hold up under washing <this dress washes well>
9 : to stand a test for truthfulness <that story won't wash>
10 : to be worn away by washing <the heavy rain caused the bridge to wash out>

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