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Main Entry: 1work
Pronunciation: primarystresswschwark
Function: noun
Etymology: Old English werc, weorc "work, activity directed toward accomplishing something"
1 a : the use of one's strength or ability to get something done or to achieve a result : LABOR, TOIL b : the work done as one's regular job; also : the place of one's employment <didn't go to work today> c : something to be done : TASK <have work to do>
2 : the energy used when a force is applied over a given distance
3 a : something that results from a particular manner or method of working, operating, or devising <careful police work> b : something that results from the use or shaping of a particular material <porcelain work>
4 : a fortified structure (as a fort or trench)
5 plural : a place where industrial labor is done : PLANT, FACTORY <cement works>
6 plural : the working or moving parts of a mechanical device <the works of a watch>
7 : something produced by hard work or skill <a writer's first work>
8 : manner of working : WORKMANSHIP <careless work>
9 plural a : everything available, possessed, or belonging <a hamburger with the works> b : the harshest treatment possible <gave him the works>
- at work
1 : doing work : BUSY; especially : taking part in one's regular occupation
2 : having effect : OPERATING <medicine at work in the body>
- in the works : in process of preparation, development, or completion <a plan for change is now in the works>
- out of work : without a regular job

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