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Main Entry: 1call
Pronunciation: primarystresskodotl
Function: verb
1 : to speak so as to be heard at a distance : SHOUT <call for help>
2 : to utter in a loud clear voice <call out a command>
3 a : to announce with authority : PROCLAIM <call a halt> b : to announce the action of (as a sports game)
4 : SUMMON 1 <call a meeting>
5 : to bring into action or discussion <call up reserves>
6 a : to make a request or demand of or for <call for an end to war> b : to give temporary control of a computer to a particular set of instructions
7 : to make a telephone call to
8 : to make a brief visit <no salesperson will call>
9 a : to give a name to <called the cat "Patches"> b : to address by a name <what did you call me>
10 : to regard as being of a certain kind <you can call them generous>
11 : to estimate as being <call it an even dollar>
12 a : to utter a cry <crows calling> b : to attract game by imitating its cry
13 : 4HALT 2, suspend <call a game on account of rain> <call time>
- call·er noun
- call for
1 : to stop by (as at one's house) to get <I'll call for you later>
2 : to require as necessary <the job calls for computer skills>
- call on
1 : to ask or require : DEMAND
2 : to choose (as a student) to answer <the teacher called on her first>
- call the shots : to be in charge or control
- call upon
1 : 2DEMAND 2
2 : to depend on

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