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Main Entry: 3clear
Function: verb
1 a : to make or become clear <clear the water by filtering> <the sky is clearing> b : to go away : VANISH <clouds cleared away after the rain>
2 : to free from blame <cleared my name>
3 : to make understandable : EXPLAIN <cleared the matter up for me>
4 a : to free from things blocking <clear land for crops> <clear a path> b : to remove stored or displayed data from (as a computer or calculator)
5 : to give or get approval <the proposal cleared the committee>
6 : to pay in full : SETTLE <clear an account>
7 : to go through customs
8 : 4NET <cleared a profit>
9 : to get rid of : REMOVE <clear the dishes from the table>
10 : to go over or by without touching <cleared the fence>
- clear·able /-schwa-bschwal/ adjective
- clear·er /-schwar/ noun
- clear the air : to remove tension or confusion <cleared the air by discussing their differences>

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