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Main Entry: 1clock
Pronunciation: primarystresskläk
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English clok "clock," from early Dutch clocke "bell, clock," from early French cloque "bell" or Latin clocca "bell"; of Celtic origin --related to CLOAK
1 : a device for measuring or telling the time and especially one not meant to be worn or carried about by a person
2 : a registering device with a dial that is attached to a machine to measure or record what it is doing
3 : a device (as in a computer) that sends out signals at regular spaces of time so that other events can happen in the correct order
- against the clock : with or within a set time <working against the clock>
- around the clock also round the clock
1 : continuously for 24 hours : day and night continuously
2 : without relaxing or paying attention to time

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