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Main Entry: con·temp·tu·ous
Pronunciation: kschwan-primarystresstem(p)-ch(schwa-w)schwas, -primarystresstem(p)sh-wschwas
Function: adjective
: feeling or showing contempt
- con·temp·tu·ous·ly adverb
- con·temp·tu·ous·ness noun
synonyms CONTEMPTUOUS, SCORNFUL, DISDAINFUL mean feeling or showing a lack of respect or concern. CONTEMPTUOUS suggests a lofty attitude toward whatever one hates <contemptuous of cowards>. SCORNFUL suggests anger and disgust often expressed in mockery <scornful of their customs and traditions>. DISDAINFUL suggests proudly considering someone or something as not worthy of one's notice <disdainful of people who were not as rich as they were>.

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