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Main Entry: 1face
Pronunciation: primarystressfamacrs
Function: noun
1 : the front part of the head
2 a : an expression of the face <a friendly face> b : GRIMACE <make a face>
3 a : outward appearance <on the face of it> b : DIGNITY 1, prestige <lose face>
4 a : a front, upper, or outer surface <the face of a cliff> b : any of the flat surfaces that form the boundary of a solid in geometry <every cube has six faces> c : a surface or side that is marked or specially prepared <the face of a certificate> d : an exposed surface of rock
5 : the end (as of a mine tunnel) at which work is going on
6 : PERSON <a lot of new faces around here>
- in one's face : directly and aggressively <made the dunk shot in her face>
- in the face of : face-to-face with : DESPITE <brave in the face of danger>

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