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Main Entry: 1field
Pronunciation: primarystressfemacron(schwa)ld
Function: noun
1 a : an open land area free of woods and buildings b : an area of cleared land used especially for planting crops c : a piece of land put to some special use or yielding some special product <athletic field> <gas field> d : a place in which military operations are carried on e : an open space <a field of ice>
2 a : an area of activity or influence <the field of science> b : the area of practical activity outside a laboratory, office, or factory <earth scientists working in the field>
3 : a background on which something is drawn, painted, or mounted <painted white stars on a blue field>
4 : the individuals that make up all or part of a contest <a race with a large field of runners>
5 : a region or space in which an effect (as gravity, electricity, or magnetism) exists
6 : the area visible through the lens of an optical instrument

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