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Main Entry: fil·bert
Pronunciation: primarystressfil-bschwart
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English filbert "filbert," from philber, name for the nut in the French language used in England after 1066; named for Saint Philibert, French abbot who has a feast day at the time when the nuts ripen
1 : either of two European hazels
2 : the sweet thick-shelled nut of a filbert; also : HAZELNUT
Word History Hazel trees are common in England, and their sweet nuts become ripe in late summer. The feast day of a French saint named Philibert was celebrated during the time that people picked these nuts. In the form of French spoken in England after the Normans conquered it in 1066, the nut of the hazel tree was called philber, after the saint. English borrowed the word as filbert.

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