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Main Entry: 2fire
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): fired; fir·ing
1 a : to set on fire : KINDLE, IGNITE b : 1STIR 3, enliven <a story to fire the imagination> <all fired up>
2 : to dismiss from employment
3 : to cause to explode <fire dynamite>
4 a : to cause to be driven from or as if from a gun : LAUNCH <fire an arrow> <fire a rocket> b : to shoot off a firearm : DISCHARGE c : to throw with speed : HURL <fired the ball to first base>
5 a : to subject to great heat <fire pottery> b : to feed the fire of <fire a furnace>
6 a : to begin to burn b : to have fuel (as in a cylinder of an engine) ignite at the proper time
7 : to transmit a nerve impulse <the neuron fired>
- fir·er noun

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