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Main Entry: 1foul
Pronunciation: primarystressfaudot(schwa)l
Function: adjective
1 a : disgusting in looks, taste, or smell <foul odor> b : full of or covered with dirt <foul clothes>
2 a : DETESTABLE <a foul crime> b : notably unpleasant or bad <a foul mood> c : being vulgar or insulting <foul language>
3 : being wet and stormy <foul weather>
4 a : very unfair <fair means or foul> b : breaking a rule in a game or sport <a foul blow in boxing>
5 : being outside the foul lines in baseball <a foul grounder>
synonym see DIRTY
- foul·ly /primarystressfaudot(l)-lemacron/ adverb
- foul·ness /primarystressfaudot(schwa)l-nschwas/ noun

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