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Main Entry: fric·tion
Pronunciation: primarystressfrik-shschwan
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English friction "a rubbing of two things together, friction," from early French friction or Latin friction-, frictio (both same meaning), derived from Latin fricare "to rub" --related to 2FRAY
1 a : the rubbing of one thing against another b : the force that resists motion between bodies in contact <the friction of a box sliding along the floor> <lubrication reduces friction>
2 : disagreement between persons or groups
3 : sound produced by the movement of air through a narrow constriction in the mouth or glottis
- fric·tion·al /-shnschwal, -shschwan-schwal/ adjective
- fric·tion·al·ly /-emacron/ adverb
- fric·tion·less /-lschwas/ adjective

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