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Main Entry: 1gath·er
Pronunciation: primarystressgath-schwar also primarystressgeth-
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): gath·ered; gath·er·ing /primarystressgath-(schwa-)rieng/
1 : to bring together : COLLECT
2 : 1PICK 2b, harvest
3 : to gain by gradual increase <gather speed>
4 : to prepare (as oneself) by calling on strength <gather courage to dive>
5 : to draw about or close to something
6 : to pull (cloth) along a line of stitching so as to draw into puckers
7 : GUESS 1, deduce
8 : to come together in a body or around a center of attraction <a crowd gathered round>
9 : 1INCREASE, GROW <a storm gathered outside>
- gath·er·er /schwar-schwar/ noun
synonyms GATHER, COLLECT, ASSEMBLE, CONGREGATE mean to come or bring together into a group, mass, or unit. GATHER applies broadly to the coming or bringing together of things from a spread-out or scattered state <farmers from all over gathered at the fair>. COLLECT often suggests careful selection or orderly arrangement <she likes to collect stamps>. ASSEMBLE suggests an ordered gathering or organization of persons or things usually for a purpose <all students will assemble in the auditorium to hear the speaker>. CONGREGATE suggests an unplanned coming together into a crowd or huddle <people began to congregate on street corners>.

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