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Main Entry: gor·geous
Pronunciation: primarystressgodotr-jschwas
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English gorgeouse "very showy, splendid," from early French gorgias "elegant," from gorgias "headdress, wimple," from gorge "part of the wimple covering the throat, throat"
: having an impressive beauty <a gorgeous sunset>
synonym see SPLENDID
- gor·geous·ly adverb
- gor·geous·ness noun
Word History In the late Middle Ages many women wore a type of headdress--called a wimple in English--that surrounded the neck and head, leaving only the face uncovered. The word gorgias, from gorge, meaning "throat," was then the French name for the part of the headdress that covered the throat and shoulders. In time it also came to be used as a name for the entire garment. A beautiful headdress was so much the mark of a fashionable lady that gorgias then became an adjective meaning "elegant" or "fond of dress." Borrowed into English as gorgayse and then gorgeous, the word gradually took on the meaning of "beautiful" which it has today.

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