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Main Entry: 1inĚdex
Pronunciation: primarystressin-secondarystressdeks
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural inĚdexĚes /-secondarystressdek-sschwaz /; or inĚdiĚces /-dschwa-secondarystresssemacronz/
1 a : a device (as the pointer on a scale) used to indicate a value or quantity b : INDICATION 2 <the price of goods is an index of business conditions>
2 : an alphabetical list in a printed work that gives with each item listed the page number where it may be found
3 plural usually indices : a mathematical figure, letter, or expression (as the exponent 3 in a3) showing a power or root of another
4 : a symbol <fist> used to direct attention

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