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Main Entry: 1jump
Pronunciation: primarystressjschwamp
Function: verb
1 a : to spring into the air : LEAP b : to give a sudden movement : START c : to begin to move -- usually used with off
2 : to rise or raise suddenly in rank, status, or condition <prices jumped>
3 : to make a sudden attack <jumped on us for being late>
4 : to become lively with activity <the woods were jumping>
5 a : to pass over or cause to pass over by a leap <jump a hurdle> b : 2BYPASS <jump electrical connections> c : to leap aboard <jump a freight>
6 : to run away and hide while at liberty under (bail)
7 : to depart from a normal course <jump the track>
8 : to occupy illegally <jump a mining claim>
- jump the gun : to start too soon

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