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Main Entry: 1litĚtle
Pronunciation: primarystresslit-schwal
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): litĚtler /primarystresslit-schwal-schwar, primarystresslit-lschwar /; or less /primarystressles /; or lessĚer /primarystressles-schwar/; litĚtlest /primarystresslit-schwal-schwast, primarystresslit-lschwast /; or least /primarystresslemacronst/
1 a : small in size b : 1YOUNG 1a <was too little to remember> c : small in comparison with related forms <little blue heron> d : 1NARROW 3, mean <people with little minds>
2 a : small in quantity <there was little food to feed them> b : short in duration <little time left>
3 : small in importance <life's little problems>
4 : being younger <my little brother>
- litĚtleĚness /primarystresslit-schwal-nschwas/ noun

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