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Main Entry: 1min·ia·ture
Pronunciation: primarystressmin-emacron-schwa-secondarystresschudot(schwa)r, primarystressmin-i-secondarystresschudot(schwa)r, primarystressmin-yschwa-, -chschwar
Function: noun
Etymology: from Italian miniatura "a fancy big letter or small picture used to decorate a page of a book copied by hand," derived from Latin miniare "to color with red pigment"; so called because the first fancy letters on books were done in red to stand out from the black ink of the rest of the page
1 : something much smaller than the usual size; especially : a copy on a much reduced scale
2 : a very small portrait or painting (as on ivory)
3 : the art of painting miniatures
- min·ia·tur·ist /-secondarystresschudotr-schwast, -chschwar-/ noun

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