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Main Entry: 1pin
Pronunciation: primarystresspin
Function: noun
1 a : a piece of wood, metal, or plastic used especially for fastening things together or for hanging one thing from another b : something that resembles a pin especially in long slender form <a pin that makes an electrical connection> c : one of the pieces that make up the target in various games (as bowling) d : the staff of the flag marking a hole on a golf course e : a peg for regulating the tension of the strings of a musical instrument
2 a : a very thin small pointed metal pin with a head used especially for fastening cloth b : 3LITTLE 1, trifle <doesn't care a pin what they think> c : an ornament or emblem fastened to clothing with a pin d : a device (as a hairpin or safety pin) for fastening
3 : 1LEG 1

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