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Main Entry: 1pri·ma·ry
Pronunciation: primarystressprimacr-secondarystressmer-emacron, primarystressprimacrm-(schwa-)remacron
Function: adjective
1 : first in time or development : INITIAL, PRIMITIVE <the primary stage of a civilization>
2 a : of first rank, importance, or value <our primary duties> b : 1BASIC 1, fundamental <the family is the primary unit of human association> c : of, relating to, or being one of the principal flight feathers of a bird's wing located on the outer joint d : of, relating to, or being the strongest of three levels of stress in pronunciation
3 a : not made or coming from something else : FIRSTHAND <a primary source of information> b : of, relating to, or being the current or circuit that is connected to the source of electricity in an induction coil or transformer

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