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Main Entry: scene
Pronunciation: primarystresssemacronn
Function: noun
1 a : a division of an act during which there is no change of scene or break in time b : a single situation or conversation in a play <the love scene> c : a small part of a motion picture or a television program
2 a : a stage setting <change scenes> b : a view or sight that looks like a picture <a winter scene>
3 : the place of an event or action : LOCALE <the scene of the crime>
4 : a display of anger or misconduct <made a scene when accused of the crime>
5 a : area of activity <the music scene> b : SITUATION 3 <the scene got serious when the police arrived>
- behind the scenes
1 : out of public view; also : in secret <decisions reached behind the scenes>
2 : in a position to see or control the hidden workings <the lawyer behind the scenes>

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