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Main Entry: shaft
Pronunciation: primarystressshaft
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural shafts /primarystressshaf(t)s, in sense 1c also primarystressshavz/
1 a : the long handle of a weapon (as a spear) b : 1SPEAR 1, lance c or plural shaves /primarystressshavz/ : 1POLE 1; especially : one of two poles between which a horse is hitched to pull a vehicle d : an arrow especially for a longbow
2 : a narrow beam of light
3 : something suggestive of the shaft of an arrow or spear <the shaft or trunk of a tree>
4 : the handle of a tool or instrument (as a hammer or golf club)
5 : a tall monument (as a column)
6 : an opening or passage straight down through the floors of a building <an air shaft>
7 : a commonly cylindrical bar used to support rotating pieces or to transmit power or motion by rotation
8 : a mine opening for finding or mining ore
9 : the midrib of a feather
10 : the part of a hair that is visible above the surface of the skin

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