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Main Entry: 1split
Pronunciation: primarystresssplit
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): split; splitĚting
1 a : to divide lengthwise or by layers <split a log> b : to divide or separate as if by forcing apart <a river split the town> <families were often split up> c : to mark (a ballot) or cast (a vote) for candidates of different parties
2 a : to burst or break apart or in pieces b : to affect as if by breaking up or tearing apart <a roar that split the air>
3 a : to divide into shares <we split the profit> b : to divide into groups or parts <we'll split up; you take the left fork> <they split into two teams> c : to become separated off <split from the group>
4 : DEPART 1 <split for the party>
5 British : INFORM 2, tell -- usually used with on
- splitĚter noun
- split hairs : to make small and unimportant distinctions
- split one's sides : to laugh heartily

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