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Main Entry: 1sponge
Pronunciation: primarystressspschwanj
Function: noun
1 a : a springy mass of fibers and spicules that forms the skeleton of a group of aquatic animals and is able to absorb water freely; also : a piece of this material or of a natural or synthetic product with similar properties used especially for cleaning b : any of the phylum of primitive mostly marine animals that are the source of natural sponges, have a body of loosely connected cells with a skeleton supported by spicules or flexible fibers, and are filter feeders that live permanently attached to a solid surface as adults
2 : a pad (as of folded gauze) used in surgery and medicine (as to soak up fluids or apply medicine)
3 : one who lives on others : SPONGER
4 a : raised dough (as for yeast bread) b : a whipped dessert usually containing egg whites
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