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Main Entry: 1strike
Pronunciation: primarystressstrimacrk
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): struck /primarystressstrschwak/; struck also strick·en /primarystressstrik-schwan/; strik·ing /primarystressstrimacr-kieng/
1 : to take a course : GO <strike across the field>
2 a : to deliver a stroke or blow : HIT b : to attack or seize especially with fangs or claws <struck by a snake>
3 : to remove or cancel with or as if with a stroke of the pen <struck out a word in the text>
4 : to lower, take down, or take apart <strike a flag> <strike camp>
5 a : to indicate or become indicated by a clock, bell, or chime <the hour had just struck> b : to indicate by sounding <the clock struck one>
6 : to pierce or penetrate or to cause to pierce or penetrate <the wind seemed to strike through our clothes>
7 : to make a military attack : FIGHT <strike for freedom>
8 : to seize the bait <a fish struck>
9 : to take root or cause to take root : GERMINATE <some plant cuttings strike quickly>
10 : to stop work for the purpose of forcing an employer to meet demands
11 : to make a beginning : LAUNCH <the orchestra struck into another waltz>
12 : to cause to suffer pain or distress suddenly <struck down at the height of her career>
13 a : to bring into forceful contact <struck my knee against the seat> b : to come into contact or collision with <the car struck the tree> c : to fall on <sunlight strikes your face>
14 : to affect with a strong feeling <struck by its beauty>
15 a : to produce by stamping <strike a coin> b : to cause to ignite by friction <strike a match>
16 : to produce on a musical instrument by hitting or plucking strings <strike a chord on the piano>
17 a : to come to mind <the answer struck me suddenly> b : to appear remarkable or make a strong impression on : IMPRESS <I was struck by its beauty>
18 a : to come to <strike the main road> b : to come upon : DISCOVER <strike gold>
19 : to take on : ASSUME <strike a pose>

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